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Tujia diet, the Tujia people in Zhangjiajie, who live in Western Hunan, have a long Tujia history and profound Tujia culture. Their unique eating habits can be described as a major feature of Western Hunan.

Yunyang Qingshui roast whole sheep


Roasted whole sheep is the healthiest, most environmentally friendly and greenest food in the meat product diet at present. The roasted whole sheep is golden and shiny on the outside, the external meat is burnt yellow and crisp, the internal meat is soft and fresh, and the mutton tastes delicious and unique.

Fried bacon with Tujia Douchi


Fried bacon with chili sauce


Tujia sausage


Tujia pickle


Tujia wax hoof (wax pig feet)


Tujiahe slag


Braised Tofu with Vegetables


Kidney bean flower, also known as "he Zha" and "Lian Zha Lao", is a popular snack processed with soybeans. The snack has the characteristics of fresh, fragrant and spicy. It is suitable for rice or soup. It is the favorite food of ordinary people. There is the saying "three bowls and four bowls of rice make you full".