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Stalagmite river is the most beautiful section of Changtan river. It starts from Gaixiaba in the north and Shuanghekou in the south, with a total length of 12.5 kilometers. It is a canyon landscape of karst landform. The two sides of the river are chipped, the karst caves are densely covered, and the stalagmites are skyscrapers, turning into various figures such as flying sky, village girl, arhat, etc. the river is pure and bright. It is rich in turtles, round fish, waterfalls or springs, scattered among them. Plants such as Qisong, Cuibai, Youzhu and fir block the sky and block the sun. Precious medicinal materials such as Vitex, Gastrodia elata, Fritillaria and Coptis chinensis are all over the mountains and fields. Yellow sheep, Swertia, yellow muntjac, golden monkey and wild boar walk in the forest, and golden rooster, oriole, cuckoo, Kingfisher Parrots sing in the wild, and Tujia folk songs, hand waving dances and other Miniatures feast your eyes. Liu Shufang, a famous Chinese soprano, grew up here.