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"Ice and snow world" Cultural Park is located in Tianhe square in Chongqing Yunyang Longtan scenic spot. Hangzhou Yuhuang Tourism Development Co., Ltd. introduced foreign indoor ice carving technology and sound, light and electricity integration technology, and invested 15 million yuan to build it, covering an area of 2000 square meters. It is the first large-scale indoor real scene ice and snow theme cultural park integrating art, viewing and entertainment in Northeast Chongqing.

The "ice and snow world" Cultural Park is divided into three regions, which gathers the works of famous ice carving masters at home and abroad, and uses more than 800 tons of high-quality transparent ice transported to Shenzhen and Zhuhai. Its texture of shiny and bright ice wheels brings tourists visual enjoyment. The crystal clear and colorful ice and snow world makes tourists feel as if they have crossed from the noisy modern society to the ancient Cambrian ice age, feel the enchanting scenery of the north with snow flying at minus 10 ℃ ~ 15 ℃, and bring tourists an unprecedented, beautiful, mysterious and unpredictable polar amusement experience.

Ice sculpture art exhibition area: Alice sleepwalking dragon VAT, ancient elves, flying angels, auspicious Princess Eliza, Knight vs. dragon, hotpot goddess, etc., created by more than ten gold medal winners of previous international ice sculpture competitions after more than two months, are crystal clear and lifelike exquisite works of art, which are amazing.

Dream passion experience area: crystal dream maze, polar bar, special slide for children and the first 100 meter passion "eight character" slide in China, which integrates interest, adventure, participation and interaction.

Beiguo Snow Village interactive area: ice interactive park and Beiguo snow village make you feel like you are in the scenery of thousands of miles of ice and thousands of miles of snow.

It's a pity not to visit the "world dragon VAT" and not to play the "ice and snow world".