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Yunduan color bridge project consists of feilada, cable bridge, Zodiac bridge, long sky trestle, Myanmar bridge, cliff hut, yunduan color bridge and yunduan cable bridge. The total length of the project is about 800 meters. The overall construction of the project is on the cliff with a vertical height of more than 700 meters from the stalagmite River, and the board on the bridge deck is painted with different colors and scenery. The anchoring method of the whole project adopts the chemical anchor bolt anchoring technology. The steel anchor is implanted into the rock more than 1 meter deep, and the load of each steel cable can reach more than 2 tons. The whole process of the project adopts the uninterrupted lifeline, equipped with the uninterrupted steel lock imported from Italy.

Feilada is a transliteration of Italian (via Ferrata, meaning cliff exploration or railway climbing). It refers to the construction of a climbing track composed of steel handrails, pedals and life steel cables on the rock walls of the mountain. The sky and white clouds above your head, the cliffs under your feet, the stalagmite River, the mountains in the distance, and the clouds after rain are like a fairyland. In different seasons and different climates, you have different postures, which also makes you climb on the wall without rock climbing ability, which is very thrilling.