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Before the Western Zhou Dynasty, there were indigenous people living here, which was the hereditary territory of the Pang people. This is a place for worshiping and sacrificing the goddess. Later, a dragon column, or sacrificial column, was built. Because of its long construction time, people often call it laozhaizi.

Laozhaizi has a long history and profound culture. Zheng, Ge, Yue, arrow cluster, chime bell, earthenware and other artifacts have been unearthed here, as well as the adjacent site of pangren Dahu building.

In the old stockade, there are "female shame pool", "dragon pillar", "White Dragon Cave" and other scenic spots. At the same time, we can also watch the natural scenery such as "Jinpeng spreading its wings", "Changxia divine fog", "Buddha light golden body", "seven shining Sunrise", "sunset melting gold", "golden monkey making trouble in the forest", "gorge water backflow", "Baiyan hanging cave" and so on.