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Relying on the unique advantages of Qishan grassland, we combine the jungle crossing with the forest flying car project. The total length of the whole line of jungle crossing is about 240 meters, and the jungle flying car is about 250 meters. Tourists can experience it in sections or together with the whole line.

The jungle crossing originated from the dense rainforest in Costa Rica. In order to enter the inaccessible ecosystem, local adventure biologists designed this model of building a platform on a big tree and pulling cables between the platforms. It has developed for more than ten years. In foreign countries, it is called "tree crossing theme park", "tree Adventure Park", "Forest Adventure Park", "flying over the jungle", "adventure tree", "happy monkey" and so on. In Europe and America, leisure and exploration activities have gradually become a new fashion sport. The tree Adventure Park is an adventure project in the tree, which integrates adventure, sports, entertainment and challenges; It uses various obstacle links to connect the trees into a line. Players need to explore among the trees through suspended bridges, net paths, footpaths, wooden barrels, Mount Tai swings, flying fox cableways and other interesting links, and cross all obstacles and reach the end by climbing, sliding, swimming, crossing, jumping, flying and other actions. In the whole movement, it brings together the elements necessary for outdoor exploration such as high altitude, speed, strength and perseverance, providing sensory stimulation for participants.