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Qingshui Tujia township is the only minority Township in Yunyang County. Qingshui is named after the clear ponds with three eyes and four seasons in the territory. Qingshui township is located on Qiyao mountain at the junction of Chongqing and Hubei, at the southernmost end of Yunyang County. It faces meikui township of Fengjie County across the river in the East, Lichuan City of Hubei Province in the south, Yaoling Township in the West and piaocao town in the north. In Qingshui Township, there are beautiful mountains and rivers and beautiful scenery. Qingshui is more graceful because of the embrace of Qiyao mountains and countless miracles because of the moisture of stalagmite river.

Here, the scenery is magical and beautiful

The Dragon VAT, Dragon Cave, Da'an cave, stalagmite River, Qishan grassland, Qiyao mountain grassland and gaixiabaping Lake in the world are created by heaven and earth, presenting natural beauty and making people linger and forget to return.

Here, the culture is simple and rich

The local Tujia people live a primitive and simple life, and retain the primitive folk customs and rich and colorful national culture, such as offering sacrifices to white tigers, living in Diaojiaolou, drinking oil tea soup, singing Tujia folk songs and waving dances, which reflects the primitive and simple folk customs of the Tujia people, who are "brave in nature and eager to dance".

Here, summer is cool and pleasant

At an altitude of 900-1500 meters, there are magical and beautiful natural scenery such as Tiankeng, grassland, canyon and karst cave group, and primitive ecological corridors such as forest, peony, pear and grape. People can enjoy the beautiful scenery and enjoy a cool summer at the same time.

Here is Qingshui Tujia township

This is a place with national AAAA scenic spot - Longtan National Geopark, Gaoshan Pinghu - gaixiabaping lake and Gaoshan Grassland - Qiyao mountain grassland. Please follow our camera and walk into this haunting place.