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Instructions for visitors to Longtan scenic spot

1、 The ticket of Longtan scenic spot is subject to secondary admission. Tourists who need to enter the park again must enter their fingerprints at the first ticket check-in before they can enter the park again;

2、 Tourists who buy bus tickets enter the park from the bus stop of the tourist distribution center or the bus stop of the Longtan tourist center. Tourists who do not buy bus tickets enter the scenic spot from the north gate or south gate of the scenic spot with tickets;

3、 Tourists entering the scenic spot should properly keep their tickets, train tickets and ship tickets, and consciously accept the ticket inspection, ticket inspection and other work of the staff of the scenic spot; In the scenic area, all personnel without tickets will be treated by the scenic area;

4、 Tickets for the scenic spot only include open areas such as cloud covered corridor bridge, dragon VAT and Dragon Cave, excluding tickets for stalagmite river cruise ship;

5、 Visitors are forbidden to bring pets and all kinds of dangerous goods into the scenic spot;

6、 For the safety of you and others, please wait in line to enter the scenic spot, take the bus, take the boat, check the ticket and enter the park in turn. Do not forcibly grab seats by bus or boat, and overload is prohibited; During the peak period of tourists, please obey the arrangement of diversion and flow restriction of the scenic spot and the management of the staff of the scenic spot;

7、 Please observe the order of the tour and pass through the steep and narrow footpath and plank road in an orderly manner; Don't go beyond the walkway, let alone cross the guardrail and climb the cliff;

8、 Please protect the ecological environment of the scenic spot, take good care of the animals and plants in the scenic spot, and do not smoke in the non-smoking area of the scenic spot;

9、 Please don't leave any waste in the green mountains and green waters. Please throw it in the designated trash can.

Instructions for the second entry of Longtan scenic spot

Longtang scenic spot has decided to start trial operation from December 12, 2015. In order to enjoy this preferential policy smoothly and conveniently, please read these instructions carefully:

1、 For visitors who need to enter the park for more than two days, please go through the ticket and fingerprint binding procedures at the ticket window or ticket office before the initial ticket check-in;

2、 Only those with bound fingerprints can enter the scenic spot for many times within two consecutive days from the date of ticket purchase with the tickets with bound fingerprints;

3、 Tickets without fingerprint binding procedures can only enjoy the right to enter the park once;

4、 Bus tickets are only valid on the same day without going out for inspection, and cruise and cableway tickets can only enjoy one-time permission; Tourists holding fingerprint bound tickets need to buy again before entering the park when they need to take cruise ships, buses and Cableways on the second day.