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  • Mountain God Of Moon Cave

    There is a cave on the hillside of the cliff. This cave is called Yueya cave. Such an elegant name, of course, should also give it a beautiful legend.

    It is said that there once lived a fair lady in this cave. Nanona's posture is like a water snake, which often attracts the hearts of rich children. However, people who only think about it will often lose more than gain, which will fascinate them. In addition, they will lose their reputation. Big families say that there is a very evil door and evil Qi here, so they invite many Taoists to cast spells here to ward off evil spirits; Ordinary people always quietly bring their best things to worship, saying that there are gods who can bless them with a good harvest in the coming year. Slowly, the gap between the rich and the poor is getting smaller and smaller. Later, people built a temple in this cave, called mountain temple. Since then, the weather has been good in this land, and the people live and work in peace and contentment.

    In order to convey their own information to the mountain god, an underground road with a length of more than ten kilometers was built from the street of Qingshuitang. However, in the 1960s, a group of outsiders made black money. They came here and chose Yueya cave. Their business became bigger and bigger, and more and more people came. One evening, they were about to finish work. Suddenly, the mountain kept shaking, and the rocks on it fell down and sealed the hole, The wife and children waiting at home did not see their men go home for a long time, so they went in through the secret way to look for them, but there were no people alive or dead, and more than 200 people disappeared without a trace.

    In the 1990s, the first group of scientific researchers excavated the Yueya cave and found the incense burner stone statue, which is a trace left by the former mountain temple. In the May 12, 2008 earthquake, the loose rock at the mouth of the cave sealed the Yueya cave again. Local people speculated that the mountain god didn't want future generations to see the dark and miserable side. I hope people can live a good life. Now we are repairing the mountain temple, To sacrifice the spirit of the mountain god.

  • Lei Gong Of Yingyue Cave

    During the Song Dynasty, a local woodcutter finished cutting firewood. On his way home, it rained cats and dogs, and the clouds shrouded him, making him unable to see the road ahead. He had to flee in a hurry. When he stopped, he didn't know where he was.

    The clouds gradually dispersed, and suddenly a cave appeared in front of him. He was very surprised. He had cut firewood on the mountain for most of his life, but he didn't know that there was such a cave through the mountain. When he hid in the cave and was preparing to take a nap for a while, he heard a "roar" outside the cave, and suddenly a dazzling light shone in. The woodcutter curiously went to the cave and saw that the whole mountain was silvery white. After a while, the dazzling light disappeared, But the towering peak on the opposite side disappeared and turned into a big funnel. When the woodcutter was confused, he heard something behind him. Turning around, he saw a dark figure coming out of the cave. He was burly, with a hammer in his right hand and a felt in his left hand. The strangest thing is that his toes were very long, like enlarged chicken feet. He couldn't see his face clearly. The woodcutter thought, is it a monster or a devil? Thinking about it, I was afraid. At this time, the black monster quickly shuttled through the cave and disappeared in the blink of an eye. The frightened woodcutter hurried home, fell on the bed and fell asleep. He dreamed that the monster with a hammer was the immortal Lei Gong.

    Later, it spread all over the town, saying that Lei Gong lived in a cave in the stalagmite river. He would appear in the mountain when it thundered and rained, but later people never saw him again The big funnel doesn't know how to explain. It's said that Lei Gong created a bathing place for the little dragon girl, so it's called the Dragon jar!

  • Qin Yaomei Chooses Her Husband

    Qin Yaomei has just turned 15. According to the customs of Qingshuitang area, she is already a person of great age. None of the matchmakers who come to the door to propose marriage and talk about matchmaking have become angry. Although it has been a long time to change the soil and return to the flow, Qin Yaomei's father, Qin Laohan, is still very open-minded. The old tradition of Tujia people's pursuit of freedom of marriage for thousands of years still exists. He believes that marriage is still the business of their children, and it is better for their daughters to make their own decisions. Therefore, those who come to propose marriage should finally decide by nodding their heads.

    The old man Chen of Qingshui Shuanglong stronghold, like the old man Qin, is the descendant of the tiger fighting generals. They are the leaders of the battle in this area. They are close as brothers and walk very frequently all year round. Chen old man has three sons who haven't been married. Zhang Da, the old man, is hard-working and diligent. He has made many matchmakers for him, but the boss doesn't recognize him; The second shot is good, and all the times he comes back with a full load. He is the envy of people. Many people propose marriage. The third man Zhang is not as good as the eldest brother and hunting is not as good as the second, but he is sincere to people and good at singing and dancing. He arranges to fight fields (children) and brain melon seeds. Of course, it's conceivable that you like the third. But these three can afford it. Neither the owner nor the West wants it. They don't recognize it far or near. They all think of one person in their hearts, that is Qin Yaomei. In fact, they haven't seen Qin Yaomei, but they just heard what others said. Chen old man knows which one these brothers are thinking. He is eager to tell Qin Yaomei to be his daughter-in-law. Who will he marry? He was also embarrassed.

    This time, Chen Zhenger invited Mr. Tu to propose marriage at Qin Laohan's house. Qin Laohan knew that Chen's house and his sons were all good people. I only had one woman. Which one should I give? He was also embarrassed. He pushed the matter to each of Yaomei. Yaomei also knows that the three brothers are good and have their own strengths and weaknesses. It's difficult for her to give them to any one. After thinking about it, I finally came up with a simple way to choose people.

    Yaomei said to her father, "in the name of your old man, write a letter to Chen old man, saying that you are willing to give your daughter to his son, but on one condition, I give a simple sentence question. My daughter will marry whoever answers correctly." My daughter is very ugly and has no good feet This sentence was written by Mr. Tu and brought to Chen's family.

    After listening to Mr. Tu read the letter and this sentence, old man Chen smiled. He thought that old man Qin was very interesting and understood his intention. He called his three sons together, listened to the letter and sentence in front of Mr. Tu, and warned them that it was up to everyone to decide, but don't go back. The eldest son heard it several times and said, "it seems that I can't be this youngest sister." The old man asked him why he didn't succeed. The eldest son said, "look at the old man, the letter is also clear. His daughter is very ugly and doesn't have a pair of good feet. I recognize it. It's strange not to tease people around ten miles."

    The second son listened to his brother and immediately told him, "I can't do that either." The old man asked his second son, "why don't you do it?" The second son said, "life is good. If you don't say it's ugly, you don't have a pair of good feet. I beat wild animals and come back without good feet. There's no one to help. It's hard to live this day. Don't worry."

    The third son listened to what the two brothers said and said to his father, "sister Yao didn't ask me to ask for it because she said that the two brothers didn't want it. I won't accept the affection of the two brothers. Sister Yao, it seems that I have to. I'm willing to do it.

    After listening to his third son's words, the old man said to his third son, "none of US forces you. You decide by yourself according to the sentence in the letter. The eldest and second brothers say they are ugly and don't have a pair of good feet. Why do you recognize them?" The third man stepped forward and served tea to Mr. Tu and his father. Then he picked up the letter and said to the two old men, "you see, this sentence should be broken like this. My daughter is very ugly and has no good feet. I think of the good in everything. Are you right?"

    The eldest son laughed at the third: "the third son, Han Bao, only think about the good, not the bad? There is no regret medicine in the world, and we won't get paparazzi in the future." The third said only one sentence: "it's you who regret it. I'll go to Yaomei's house to get you a papa right away." After that, he went directly to Yaomei's house to propose. The third is good at singing and dancing. He arrived at the house before singing.

    When the third came to Yaomei's house, he first asked the old man to say hello, and then explained his intention to old man Qin. The old man Qin asked the third, "how did you break a sentence?" The third said: "The two families have such a good relationship that they won't treat each other badly. Besides, they recruit a son-in-law. Of course, they treat others sincerely; second, the three brothers in our family don't accept relatives, and they are almost the same. It's hard to say which one to give, so they have to give a question to test us and choose the best one; third, no matter how ugly their daughter is born, a father will never write to tell others. It's clear that they recruit a son-in-law. My conclusion is that my daughter is very ugly and there is nothing wrong with her , a good pair of feet. "

    Chen nodded and said yes. He admired his daughter's move and found a good son-in-law. Yaomei also came down from upstairs at this time. The third and Yaomei smiled knowingly, and the marriage was settled.

  • Dragon Jar Legend

    Dragon jar story

    When it comes to Qingshui dragon VAT, three-year-old children in this area can say a lot like countless treasures.

    According to the "Yunyang County annals" of the Republic of China, the Dragon bowl is straight up and down, like a incense burner, with purple smoke rising from time to time, which is said to be "hearth". Local people say that this is the view of cultural people. We ordinary people have always called it dragon jar, because dragon jar has spiritual support and connection with Tujia people in production and life, and it is the Holy Land in our hearts. Therefore, there is an endless Longmen array for the Dragon VAT.

    Origin of dragon VAT

    A long time ago, the Qingshui dragon jar was the place where the dragon family lived. Because the sea was flooded three times, the dragon family was very inconvenient, so they moved to the East China Sea.

    The dragon family used to live in the Dragon Cave. It is said that the Dragon Cave was tens of miles long at that time. The exit in the north is now Da'an cave and the exit in the south is Qiyao mountain. There are not only red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue and purple colored dragons living in the Dragon Cave, but also nine class Dragons of gold, wood, water, fire, earth, thunder, rain, wind and electricity. It is said that there are also sleeping dragons, Panlong and noisy dragons. The sons and grandchildren of the Dragon live together for several generations. So many dragons live together, which is not only crowded, but also inconvenient to use water and take a bath. So the old dragon king ordered to build a bathing pool behind the half street for the dragon's family to take a bath here. Later, the common people called it longgundang, which is now the big Tiankeng, also known as the big dragon VAT. A large water tank was dug at Longgang, not far from the Dragon Cave, for the draught of the dragon's family, so people call it the Dragon tank. The Dragon VAT is built on the top of the mountain. Where does the water in the VAT come from? In fact, water comes from Qingshui pond. It turns out that there are three large ponds on Qingshui field, one is the place where swans hold eggs, one is in the dam of xiaoshuidong, and one is in jiaojiawan. The three ponds need to be the water dissipation tunnel. The dam pond is the largest. In the east of the pond, there is a karst cave leading to the moon cave on the rock wall in the Dragon VAT, from which the water in the Dragon VAT is sucked. The old dragon king said that the Dragon VAT can't be full, just enough to eat. We should leave some water in the Qingshui pond for the people. Therefore, there is only half a tank of water in the Dragon tank for a long time, and the three ponds of Qingshui pond are also clear for a long time.

    "Return my soul!"

    There is a gap on the side of the Dragon VAT near the stalagmite River, which is called the mouth of the Dragon VAT. There is a horizontal stone at the mouth of the tank. Its front head is like the mouth shell of an eagle. People call it eagle mouth stone. This is the sea dragon in the Dragon Cave who broke the rules and was punished here to guard the Dragon tank for many years. We don't care whether it's Yingzui stone or Hailong stone. Anyway, there is a stone hanging on the mouth of the Dragon jar. There are not many people who can climb this stone. We don't know who can squat in front of the stone and shit. If someone really goes up, you must hear someone shouting at the bottom of the tank, "return my soul! Return my soul". What's the matter with Mo Zi? It turned out that a long time ago, someone in Qingshuitang Street bet that if someone could go up the Yingzui stone, take down the ten hanging money and climb shit on it, the money would belong to who. The words were released for three days, and no one dared to shit to get money. The gambler added ten more bucks as compensation, but no one dared to go. A few days later, the gambler added ten more bucks as compensation. As the saying goes, there must be a brave man under the heavy reward, so a young man nicknamed "not afraid of death" in SHUITIANBA took the call and was ready to win the thirty bucks. "Not afraid of death" put on hemp eared straw sandals and tied a red belt. When everything was ready, he walked steadily to the top of Yingzui stone, squatted down to shit in the Dragon VAT first, and then took the money down calmly. This "not afraid of death" who was not afraid of heaven and earth really won the bet with his hard skills. He got 30 yuan and went home happily.

    I don't know that "not afraid of death" seems to have changed a person as soon as I get home. One day, I'm out of my mind and my eyes are dull. I can't see it well if I ask a doctor. I can't treat it if I ask Duan Gong. Soon the "fear of death" died. It turned out that "not afraid of death" threw excrement into the Dragon VAT. The Dragon King sent shrimp soldiers and crab generals to take his soul and make him die hard. From then on, in the dead of night, you can also hear "return my soul" on the edge of the cylinder A loud cry. According to the people who once went down to the bottom of the Dragon VAT to collect medicine, they heard the call of "return my soul! Return my soul" at the bottom of the VAT at any time. Even in broad daylight, they could sometimes hear this helpless and miserable cry. They heard that they were covered with goose bumps and cold sweat on their backs.

  • Olecranon Bile Test

    During the period of the Republic of China, a greedy rich man often deducted the wages of long-term workers. One day, some long-term workers teased him and said, "Sir, if you can stand up straight on the olecranon rock, we will give you three years' wages.". The rich man was obsessed with money and became a real man. So he wrapped around his waist and climbed up tremblingly, but he couldn't stand up. He lay there in a cold sweat like rain and shouted "help!" It was not easy for people to carry him home. He lay in bed and became more and more afraid. He was seriously ill and died in three days. Now, in order to try their courage, people still try their best to climb to the waist of the rock, and some even climb to the top of the rock, touch the stone with both hands, stretch their neck, see the Dragon VAT scenery from mid air, and get the joy of satisfaction in the thrill. What's more, those little couples who celebrate the intimate month also climb to the waist hand in hand, point out the sky and draw the earth, swear in all seriousness, and show their loyalty to love. Therefore, some people jokingly call it "oath Heart Stone". But this is very dangerous. I hope you don't make fun of your life.

  • Dragon Cave, Said The Dragon Girl

    The Dragon women's help to the local people is not only borrowed from the East and the west, but also the Dragon women who have other requirements do their best to help. The second year after the Dragon girl came to Longdong, there was a severe drought in Qingshui area. The Dragon girl threw a dream to her playmate and said that as long as you water up at the water gate of Longdong, it will rain. If you water more, it will rain more, and if you water less, it will rain less. The local people did as they were told in their dreams, and they showed their spirits. With the blessing of the Dragon Girl, the weather in this area is good year after year, with abundant grain, and the people live a good life. In order to thank the Dragon Girl, people often give her some gifts. They also sing folk songs and wave dances in the Longdong dam from time to time to accompany the Dragon Girl.

    After many years of such a life, several lazy young people in tuxiangba heard about it. They discussed and said: the Dragon girl has such great ability, beautiful and young. Why don't we get her to tuxiangba to serve us, without worrying about food and clothing, so comfortable. All day long, they think about nothing but how to get a beautiful dragon girl. One day, several of them came to the Dragon Cave and pretended to make a solemn wish. As soon as they turned around, they saw the Dragon woman coming from behind the Dragon bed with what they needed, "how beautiful!" Several scoundrels rushed at the Dragon Girl recklessly. When the Dragon girl saw several mortals rushing towards her, she immediately disappeared. The scoundrels threw themselves into the air and looked everywhere angrily. They didn't even see a shadow for a long time. So they took up their hammers and axes and hit the Dragon bed, dragon cover, dragon jar, dragon table, dragon stool and so on. When they had enough gas, they went out of the hole. If you don't believe it, go to the Dragon Cave and have a look. The broken dragon bed, dragon cover, dragon jar, dragon pillar and so on can be seen faintly. When the old Dragon King left the Dragon Girl, he warned her that she could only do good deeds secretly and could not meet mortals. This is the rule of heaven. If you break the rule of heaven, you should be guilty. The Dragon girl was so angry when she thought of it. After the incident, people will not work if they ask for the Dragon girl again. Later, the Dragon Cave gradually collapsed, and now there are only three halls and the remaining dragon tents, dragon beds, dragon covers, dragon fields and so on. The bones of the Dragon girl also fell in the third hole. If you don't believe it, go to the third hole of the dragon hole yourself to see whether it's true or false.

  • Origin Of Yingyue Cave

    It is said that Zhang Guolao will entertain seven other immortals, taste his immortal wine on the night of the Mid Autumn Festival, and sing poems in the moonlight. It is a grand occasion of Wang Xizhi's Lanting preface. However, after several rounds of wine, there was no moonlight. The immortals made fun of the wine. Zhang Guo was anxious and rushed to the sky to look for the moon. As a result, he ran to the Dragon VAT and saw that the moon was embedded in the hole, so he did his best to push the moon out and returned to the sky. Unexpectedly, Zhang Guolao tried too hard and stepped out a pair of deep holes in the hole, leaving his footprints in straw sandals. If the road in the cave had not been paved with stones, you could still see it.