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Feilada is a transliteration of Italian (via Ferrata, meaning cliff exploration or railway climbing), and English is ironroad. It refers to the passage path between cliffs and cliffs built on the mountain surface, which is composed of iron handrails, cross ladders, fixed cables, rock plugs, foot pads, cable bridges, etc., so that climbers can climb steep cliffs without climbing.

This kind of climbing has developed into a popular sport in Europe. At present, millions of people climb in this way every year. After 1990, following mountain biking, river tracing, gliding and drifting, feilada has become the latest fashionable outdoor project in the mountain. Local governments all over France have invested in the construction of feilada to attract tourists. Since 1998, the climbing route has further developed rapidly and has been extended to Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Andorra, Malaysia, Canada, the United States, Malaysia, etc. It has become one of the main choices for family outdoor activities in Europe and America.

Characteristics of feilada project: it retains the thrilling stimulation of field rock climbing, achieves the purpose of exercising physical fitness and will, greatly reduces the professional and technical requirements for climbers, and allows ordinary people to gallop over cliffs on the premise of full security, will be the top of the mountain, and obtain great spiritual enjoyment. Every magnum climbing route is unique. Feilada does not occupy conventional tourism resources and tourist routes. More three-dimensional, spatial and systematic development of natural resource landscape.

Longtan scenic spot belongs to karst landform. The cliffs of Tiankeng and yunduan corridor bridge are mainly composed of dolomitic limestone with hard rock. Under the action of tectonic movement, a magnificent landscape of thousands of cliffs and cutting with knives and axes is formed. The construction of feilada line here can better stimulate tourists' sense of challenge. At the same time, those who challenge on the cliff will also become a landscape and form a new scenic line of dragon VAT.

The feila project road of Longtan is divided into two lines a and B.

Line a: the difficulty of flying over the center of the earth is moderate. The purpose of this line is to allow tourists to overlook the Dragon VAT from the air. Here, tourists will more fully see the grandeur of the Dragon VAT and marvel at the uncanny workmanship of nature. Tourists climbing on the cylinder wall have also become a beautiful landscape that other tourists marvel and watch. This is also the only known feilada line on the cliff of Tiankeng, which has its own characteristics.

Line B: it is also divided into cloud colored bridge and long sky trestle road. Tourists can choose the less difficult cloud colored bridge line according to their own conditions, or take the difficult long sky trestle road before entering the cloud colored bridge. The long sky trestle road is composed of breathtaking Myanmar bridge, swing of the twelve zodiac animals, traditional Chinese painting stack Road, Tujia totem pole, etc; Yunduan color bridge consists of climbing ladder, iron cable bridge, rainbow bridge, cliff cabin, cliff climbing and other projects.

The Italian uninterrupted protection system is used to ensure the safety of tourists during the experience of Longgang feilada line. As soon as tourists enter the line, the protection lock cannot be opened without professional tools, while the protection steel cable is connected to the whole line from the time tourists enter the line to the end, so as to ensure the safety.