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RMB 100 per person

一、Opening hours:

Ticket selling time (summer): 8:30-15:30

Stop time (summer): 16:00

Ticket selling time (winter): 8:30-14:30

Stop time (winter): 15:00

Closing time (summer): 18:30

Closing time (winter): 17:30

二、Visitors enter the park with tickets, one for each person

Tourists with preferential tickets and free tickets need to cooperate with the ticket checking staff to enter the park after verification with their relevant certificates.

三、Special social groups shall implement preferential policies for ticket price reduction and exemption  

1. Tickets are free for children under the age of 6 (including 6) or under the height of 1.2m (including 1.2m).

2. For minors aged 6 (excluding 6) to 18 (including 18), students with full-time bachelor's degree or below, half price tickets for the elderly aged 60-65 (including 65) with valid certificates or ID cards, and free tickets for the elderly aged over 65 (excluding 65) with Chongqing People's government certificate or ID cards.

3. Active servicemen, martyrs' families, disabled revolutionary servicemen, retired military cadres, the disabled, and the elderly aged 70 or above are exempted from ticket fees with valid certificates.

4. The maximum price discount rate for group tickets purchased by travel agencies shall not exceed 20% of the ticket price.

四、When buying tickets, the money will be counted face to face. You will not be responsible for leaving the window.

Online ticket collection process: after booking tickets and paying online, you can take tickets to the self-service ticket collection machine in the scenic spot with your ID card and QR code.

五、Time sharing reservation

Please scan the QR code for time-sharing appointment.